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River's Way worked with Bristol Tennessee City Schools and Bristol Virginia Public Schools to establish Cafe Central in December 2015.  Our primary goal is to give students with disabilities the opportunity to develop workforce skills. Cafe Central enables students to learn how to prepare and serve food to the general public.  The cafe also teaches students how to work as a team in accomplishing a very challenging task!


Cafe Central is located at Central Christian Church in Bristol, TN.  The church was gracious in its offer to host the cafe and the members of the congregation see Cafe Central as a way to help people with disabilities to thrive in a community setting. 


Cafe Central serves delicious meals every Friday during the school year with the exception of the third week in each month.  Lunch includes soup, a sandwich and/or a salad and a dessert.  In many cases we use produce from our gardens in preparing the lunches. The cost of a meal is $7.00 and it includes coffee and tea.  You would be hard pressed to find a better deal!  You receive a great lunch at a great price and you help students to become skilled and productive workers in the process!


Sign up for a lunch at Cafe Central by following the link above. 


Directions to Central Christian Church



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