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Updated April 2021


Corporate and Foundation Donors

Eleanor T. Reynolds Foundation

Permatile Concrete

Speedway Children's Charities

United Company Foundation

Clubs and Organizations

Bristol Morning Rotary Club

Hill and Dale Garden Club

Knights of Columbus


James and Liisa Alderman

Suzanne Amoruso

Danielle Amoruso

Harvey Anderson

Chad and Anne Haynes Andis

Dawn Archer

Robert and TracieBlevins

Thomas and Patty Bowers

Robin Bowman


Donna Brewer

David and Elizabeth Broadhurst

Anthony and Marilyn Broglio

Michael and Susan Brown

William and Elizabeth Burriss

William and Rose Marie Burriss

Susan Canada

Anna Chafin

Wayne Chaney

Greg and Peggy Chudzik

Cathy and Greg Clarity

Ronald Copely

Ben and Anne Cowan

Eileen Cress

Jim Daniel

Vivian Donn

Phillip and Gwen Ellis

Rita and Wayne Estes

Van Family

Richard Fanis

Raymond and Margaret Feierabend

Will  Ferguson


Jay and Marianne Fischer

J. Thomas Fowlkes

John Garris

Rita Gayewski

John and Jean Green

Jefferson and Terri Gregory

Dr. Ronnie and Joan Guest

Lisa Hale

Karen Hamilton

Thomas and Carolyn Hanlon

Denise Hanlon

Robert Hanlon

Anne Hanlon

Alethia Haynes

Ryan Henderson

Maggie Hess

Janet S. Howard

Richard and Margaret Ingraham

Greg and Sam Ingraham

Betty Johnston

William and Brenda Johnstone

Dale and Molly Keller

Anita Kilbourne-Greer

Ronan King

Brenda Kiser

Fred and Susan Knickerbocker

Brian Kochheiser

Matt Kyle

Tim and Ann Landis

James and Susan Lapis

Juanita Large

Arlene Maggiulli

Jonathan Denise and Mai

Dale Marion

Myers Massengill

Rogers McCall

Eugene and Audrey McClintic

Craig and Karen McDonald

Dian McIlwain

Olivia McLaurine

William and Amber McMillin

Roger and Karen McSharry

Susan McSwain

Kathy Melvin

Larry and Marilyn Miller

French and Laura Moore

Carl Moore

Julie Moorhead

Sally Morgan

Anna S. Morgan

Sharon Morrison

Janine Myatt

Glenn Myers

Eddie and Jennie Neely

Anne Neese

Sid and Joyce Oakley

Susan Ojanen

Jean  Oldfield


Mack Partain

Tom & Deni Peterson

Delores Phipps

Lynn Powers

Sharon Quisenberry

James Rainero

Jan Rainero

Eric and Lisa Reecher

Mike and Lisa Richard

Linda and Mike Riley

Mary Rouse

Michael D. Rowell

Dale and Joneen Sargent

H. D. and Mary Lynn Satterwhite

Blythe Savage

LeeS challer

William and Sonie Schermer

William and Mary Jo Shanks

Don Shawl

Brandon Shell

Ashleigh Shu

David and Anne Shumaker

Nikki Shumate

Roger and Donna Sikorski

K. Thomas and Barbara Smith

William and Rebecca Smith

David Smith

Dan and Amy Smith

Larry Souverielle

Michael and Karen Spear

Francine Stone

Caleb Stone

George and Wendy Strawbridge

Shane Stuler

Bonnie Sultan

Gloria Surber

Jeffrey and Leslie Taylor

Jeff and Robin Tickle

John and Ann Tickle

John and Karen Vann

Neil and Lynette Wallen

Douglas and Eileen Weberling

Sharon White

Teresa Williams

Douglas and Laraine Williams

Jerry Allen Wolfe

Matt and Nancy Wood

Jason and Shannon Young

Employee Community Action Council, General Dynamics Mission Systems, Tammy Austin President


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